Quran Mem­o­riza­tion Online

The mus­lim par­ents strive to get their kids learn the holy quran. First they try to teach by them­selves, if they can’t do it per­son­ally theyget it done  from a teacher who comes to their house or in the last  they drive the kids to the Madrassa. How­ever with the advent of mod­ern tech­nol­ogy they have a good chance to let their kids learn quran at home where they get ser­vices. The impor­tance of learn­ing quran, read­ing it prop­erly and mem­o­riz­ing is all the way impor­tant. It is not only our reli­gious oblig­a­tion but also a source of gain­ing knowl­edge for peace of mind to live a secured and right­eous life.  There­fore every mus­lim starts to learn Quran at the very early age of 4/5 which is quite suit­able for every­thing, either learn­ing, read­ing or memorizing.

In quran itself, it has been revealed that:

When the Quran is being recited, lis­ten to it and be atten­tive (Surah A’raf; Verse No. 204)

There­fore one can judge the impor­tance of learn­ing quran, then recit­ing it. Mem­o­riz­ing the quran is an act which has a great reward, yet sim­ply learn­ing it with­out proper artic­u­la­tion of the words may not have that degree and best solu­tion for it is to learn quran with proper tajweed so that the recita­tion may be accepted. The next step is mem­o­riz­ing the quran. For this pur­pose too, one should  know the rules and reg­u­la­tions and the Prophet (PBUH) him­self the estab­lished the same. A mus­lim who has mem­o­rized Quran should also try to under­stand it as nar­rated in the fol­low­ing ayah of Surah Nisa and Surah Hadid. In every Muslim’s home, this oblig­a­tion should be illus­trated as a highly impor­tant one and the daily rou­tine should include the recita­tion of the Quran.

“Will they not, then, try to under­stand this Qur’an?
Had it come from any­one other than God, they would have found in it many an inner con­tra­dic­tion.”
(Surah Nisa; Verse No. 82)

“Indeed, We sent Our mes­sen­gers with evi­dent truth, and We sent down with them the Book and the bal­ance (of right and wrong), so that peo­ple might behave [with each other] with jus­tice.”
(Surah Hadid; Verse No. 25)

Nowa­days the life has become so busy that many of us can not spare time for our­selves, our fam­ily and kids. There­fore we can take help from mod­ern tech­nol­ogy  where  one of the most advanced and effec­tual way of learn­ing Quran is through live classes from online tutors who deliver lec­tures by one to one  between the stu­dent and teachers.

Learn­ing quran online is a good resource for  open­ing the door of higher Islamic knowl­edge and experience.

If any­one is keen to learn Quran, read Quran and Mem­o­rize  Quran with trans­la­tion  and com­pre­hen­sive tafseer then the best way to con­ve­niently achieve this task is by reg­is­ter­ing at www.e-quranlearning.com/registration.

Whoso­ever holds fast to God, he has been guided onto the Straight Path.”
(Surah Imran; Verse No. 101)