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I have revised my Nazra Quran recently for reading Quran with Tajweed through online E-Quranlearning classes. I am totally satisfied with the online Quran classes. The quality of service is excellent.
Safdar Ali,

I have arranged online Quran classes for my kid. It is quite an effective way of learning Quran. I am quite satisfied with the progress of my kid.
Ali Sardar,

E-quranlearning is. providing best services for online quran teaching. I have referred alot of my relatives and friends to E-Quran Learning

Thanks E-quranlearning. My whole family is now taking Quran lessons. online

Altaf Hussain,

E-Quranlearning is a wonderful idea. I am asking other people to join this program as well.


Before knowing about online learning quran with E-Quran Learning, I was really anxious about religious education of my kids. E-Quran Learning has really solved my one of the greatest problems. Now my kids take online lessons and I am happy with their progress.
Muhammad Yaqoot

Through E-Learning programs, E-Quranlearning facilitates the students with the following:
• E-Quran Learning has no or less traveling with no cost,

• Through E-Quran Learning you can learn while staying at home

• E-Quran Learning facilitates education with no or less usage of carbon and paper.

• E-Quran Learning is more affordable

• Through E-Quran Learning every student can have a reach to the instructors of the    highest caliber across the world.

• E-Quran Learning arranges a classroom at any corner of home simply with the help of a computer and internet.

• E-Quran Learning has low costs/fee for joining any program

• E-Quran Learning facilitates flexible timing and 24/7 availability


E-Quran Learning provides you specific Free services:

E-Quran Learning does not charge anything for its services except a very nominal fee as per class
plans for one to one classes. This fee is collected for payment of tutor’s time cost, online expenses, software purchases, managing staff salaries and other maintenance expenses. A few of our free
services are given below:

Free Downloads – E-QuranLearning has a lot of state of the Art stuff that you can view or download
free; such as Color-coded holy Quran, Chaper(sura) wise Quran, Quran with Urdu translation, You can listen marvellous recitations of the holy quran online by visiting website page E-Quran Learning –Downloads.

Free Precious Islamic Books – There are a number of precious books about Islam, Hdith, Tafseerul Quran etc at our books corner. Everyone can access them at E-Quran Learning – Islamic Books

Duas – Special Masnoon duas for different occassions have been given at E-Quran Learning – Duas

Free Online Technical Support – In case the student faces any technical problem with the computer
or accessories, E-QuranLearning provides free online technical support. Our team of Computer experts excels in such services and you dont need to go to a computer technician or a software engineer for
this purpose.

Learning quran (koran) online was never so easy as E-QuranLearning made it for you. Enjoy Learning
and Reading quran with tajweed online at E-quran learning.com. and also pray for us so that we can provide you more free Quran services at E-Quran Learning.


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