How to Learn Quran Online Questions

How to Learn Quran Online Questions

1. How to Learn Quran
Quran can be learnt through a Qari, Hafiz or Quran Scholar, either through a real or virtual contact. Internet has facilitated learning Quran online through usage of software

2. How to read Quran
Quran should be read with Tajweed so that the accent be the same as it was in the time of prophet PBUH

3. How to Understand Quran
Quran can be understood by giving due attention, with the help of a religious scholar, who would tell the explanations of verses of Quran in light of Sunnah and Hadith.

4. How to learn Quran Online
You need to submit registration particulars to www.e-quranlearning.comThey will contact you over telephone or email for guiding you for booking of trial and regular classes.

5. How to learn Urdu, English, Arabic languages online
Online learning of Urdue, English and Arabic has the same process as mentioned above at No. 4.

6. How to download voice conversation software
You need to visit our website link and click at the button meant for downloading voice conversation software for free.

7. How to download screen sharing software
You need to visit our website link and click at the button meant for downloading screen sharing software for free.

8. How to reach Online Quran Academy can be contacted US telephone number 954-607-2230, UK number 203-286-4730. skype id as e-quranlearning1 or email at at anytime of the day or night.

9. How to reach my online Quran tutor
You can reach the your online Quran Tutor on skype. Each tutor has been given a separate skype id. After registration, your tutor id will be communicated to you.

10. How to contact management
You can contact at the telephone numbers, skype id or the email address given at S.No. 8 above.

11. How to make payment of fee
Please add our admin department’s skype id as e-quranlearning1. The accounts person will guide you the best mode of fee payment for you.

12. How to get confirmation of the fee receipt
On receipt of the fee, you will be sent a confirmation email for your satisfaction.

13. How to assess the performance of the student by the parents/guardians
Monthly progress report on student’s performance can be sent on demand.

14. How to test the quality of service
A 3 days free trial classes are arranged so that you can check the quality of our service

15. How to leave the Online Quran Academy
If you want to leave the for any reason, you simply need to send an email at and a copy to advising about the relief date and clearing the dues if any.

How to Learn Quran Online Questions
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