We hire the persons not the positions

E-Quran Learning is a reputed international online institute for Quran learning & International Languages. It offers variety of online services to the people around the world. If you are looking forward to a respectable career in an online organization, you can get a great opportunity of a booming career while working with a team of top class professionals and getting a career-building experience in a very short time.

The organizational set up of E-quranlearning is based on the following:

1. Software development Group
2. Distant Education Group
3. Finance & Accounts Group
4. Tele-marketing Group

1. Oracle Financials(developer)

2. Web Designer/social media/SEO

3. Telemarketer/CSRs

4. Language Teachers (English, French, Arabic)

5.Islamic Content writers for web (Freelance)

6. Online Quran tutors

Candidates should have alteast 1 to 2 years experience in their relative fields.


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