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Learn Quran online with Tajweed is one of the projects of EQL.COM (an international online company) in collaboration with London Education Providers Limited London UK. We are committed to spread Quran knowledge to benefit those people around the world who face difficulties in reaching masjid regularly to learn quran. It is now possible to learn quran, read quran and understand quran online just by sitting at home in an interactive way.

You can start “learn quran online” classes at any time and our tutors are ready to teach quran with tajweed, quran translation, tafseer at the hour of your choice. Simply get yourself registered at our website’s here. Our staff will contact you through telephone, skype, email or whatever medium is available for immediate contact.

Our Quran tutors teach quran with Tajweed online. These Tajweed tutors are well qualified in teaching Tajweed rules for correct recitation of Quran. Separate Tajweed Courses are also organized every now and then for those who have learnt quran but can not recite it with tajweed. This course helps them learn how to read Holy Quran observing tajweed rules. Alhamdulillah, thousands of students have completed learning quran with Tajweed and many are now practicing to recite quran online in true Arabic accent. Others are taking lessons for Quran translation, word by word meanings, tafseer etc to understand quran and its application in their day to day life. Just take a free trial and insha Allah you will see how easy it is to learn quran at home at any hour of the time of your choice.

Learn Quran online with Tajweed program is based on advanced technology through internet which involves no travelling, fully secured, time saving, and flexible class plans with affordable time cost for all family members of any age.

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Normally it takes 20 hours only to read quran words by recognizing the Arabic alphabets, vowels and consonants, their usage in construction of the words. practicing the words from their correct points of articulation alongwith different grammatical and tajweed rules. After learning this, one can easily recite Quran. This course has been designed in 30 minutes class sessions.



When one has learnt how to speak a quran word, the next step is to practice recitation of quran with the help of the teacher, for proper timing of speaking the alphabets, in harmony with the accent spoken by the native Arabs, so that we can read the words of quran without any mistake. This practice will make the reader, fluent in reciting quran in a proper way.



Of course, the Quran contains the message of Allah almighty for guidance of the human being to be a righteous person. One can learn the meaning of quran words and understand the message in quran with the help of our qualified teachers, who are able to teach quran word by word meaning and then explaining the message.

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Your free Online Quran Word by Word link is now my favorite and I have made it as my homepage.

Arsalan, USA

I have recently changed my homepage to your Free Online Quran Word by Word.

Ayesha, France

I appreciate your way of teaching that has made the kids learn quran with deeper interest.

Mahnoor, Pakistan

E-quran have taught 2 of my older kids and now the twins at the age of four. I m 100% satisfied and have recommended all of my relatives for their kids to join E-quran

Nirma, UAE

Alhamdulillah, my older ones have completed Nazra Quran recitation and now eager to understand the Quran's message.

Zahra, Australia

Living in a far away country side, I was very anxious about my kids for learning quran. I contacted E-quran and now they are learning upto my satisfaction.

Asif Khan, Canada